Consistently voted #1 for usability by G2

Our customers love how easy Silktide is to navigate, helping them get more done in less time.

The University of Texas at Dallas

Silktide has exceeded expectations. They’ve provided better support, an easier-to-use tool, and a better price.

Christy Glaze The University of Texas at Dallas
  • #1 Accessibility Platform
  • #1 Digital Governance
  • #1 Digital Analytics
4.8 Rating on G2
Independently awarded by G2.

What sets Silktide apart?

Our unique platform is built with industry-leading technology by a passionate team of experts

Plain-English documentation

We’re not just using some third-party tech with poorly written accessibility documentation – everything is built by us, including help content, videos, and clear explanations.

Fully-integrated analytics

It’s not just basic stats, our cookie-free analytics platform was built from the ground up to give everyone on your team the information they need.

Expert manual auditing

The gold standard of web accessibility is manual auditing by accessibility experts. Make it a key component of your accessibility strategy. Our Inclusion team provides professional accessibility services.

User flow testing

Other platforms might be able to see you’ve got a form on your page, but they can’t test every step and let you know if they’re working.

Real time updates

Any changes you make gives you immediate feedback, so you work faster. Silktide automatically retests the thing you changed, not the whole site.

Testing behind logins

We can fully test customer account areas, Intranets, learning management portals, and any part of your websites that require a login.

Every check visible in Inspector

Every single Silktide check (hundreds of them) is shown to you on the page they occur. Other platforms simply don’t do this. It increases the speed of your work dramatically.

Decisions for everything

Silktide intelligently allows you to make decisions on every single check in the whole platform.

Role-based access control

Silktide is built for Enterprise. With RBAC, user permissions, and SOC2, Silktide is used by well-known global brands, governments, healthcare providers, financial institutions, and streaming services.

Silktide will revolutionize the way your web team works

Whether you’re aiming for more revenue, improved accessibility, or seamless user experiences, Silktide gives you the power to measure and improve everything.

Gain total visibility of your websites

Monitor your websites and team performance in a single, easy-to-understand platform and save hundreds of hours of tedious, manual work.

We’ll switch all your users for free

Hassle-free migration so you don’t need to lift a finger. We’ll migrate your users, policies, sections, and user accounts.

Grand Valley State University

In terms of moving platforms I don’t regret it, at all. It’s been hugely beneficial and easier.

Joe Vugteveen Grand Valley State University

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