What’s included in our accessibility checker?

Over 200 accessibility checks

Our accessibility checker covers WCAG 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2, Levels A, AA and AAA.

Screen reader simulator

Experience the web as if you were blind or partially sighted.

Color contrast checker

Check any two on-page elements for accessible color contrast.

Image alt text checks

See where alt text is missing or incorrect at a glance.

Focus order and landmarks

Understand how keyboard navigation functions on each page.

Frequently asked questions

What is an accessibility checker?

An accessibility checker is a tool that evaluates web content against accessibility standards to ensure it can be used by people with disabilities. This is crucial for compliance with legal standards and for creating an inclusive web experience.

Accessibility checkers generally fall into two categories; free accessibility checkers which test a single page at a time (like the Silktide accessibility checker Chrome extension), and paid platforms which comprehensively and automatically test every page on your website (like Silktide’s automated accessibility testing platform).

How does the Silktide accessibility checker work?

Silktide’s accessibility checker scans the page currently loaded in your browser, identifying issues that may hinder accessibility by comparing your site’s elements against recognized standards like WCAG. It provides a detailed report with specific problems and actionable recommendations for improvement.

To get started, simply install the Chrome extension, open a web page (this can include a staging or unpublished page) and click the Silktide logo in the extensions area at the top of Chrome.

Next, click Accessibility Checker in the left menu to test the page. You’ll see the results in the left menu, and you can click on any of them to find out where on the page the issue is, and get guidance for fixing it.

You’ll see a range of other tools available in the same menu.

What’s included in the accessibility checker Chrome extension?

There are 4 main tools in the extension.

A comprehensive WCAG checker; test your site for accessibility problems.
A disability simulator; helps you understand how people may experience the web in a range of ways.
A free screen reader; useful for testing how assistive technology interacts with your web page.
A color contrast checker; choose two contrasting colors on your website and check against recommended WCAG guidelines.

Is the Silktide accessibility checker free?

Yes, the Silktide accessibility checker is a free tool available as a Chrome extension. It provides a comprehensive analysis of web accessibility issues at no cost. For deeper insights and continuous monitoring, Silktide offers premium plans with additional features.

Can the Silktide accessibility checker help with WCAG compliance?

Yes! The checker is designed to assess and report on how well your website conforms to various levels of the WCAG guidelines, helping you understand and meet compliance requirements.

Can the Silktide accessibility checker help with ADA compliance?

The ADA uses the WCAG guidelines as its basis for web accessibility. By conforming with WCAG’s suggestions, you’ll also improve your web accessibility and help it comply with the ADA.

How often should I use an accessibility checker on my website?

Regular checks are recommended, especially after updates to content or design. Content should be checked whenever it’s changed, across every page of your website. Silktide’s automated accessibility testing can help you manage web accessibility at scale, monitoring thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of web pages.

Does the Silktide checker provide solutions for identified accessibility problems?

Yes, Silktide’s accessibility checker identifies issues and suggests practical solutions to fix them, helping website owners and developers make necessary adjustments to improve accessibility.

Is the Silktide accessibility checker suitable for all types of websites?

The Silktide accessibility checker is versatile and can evaluate various websites, from simple blogs to complex eCommerce platforms, across various content management systems and web technologies. It’s suitable for every website owner.

What makes Silktide’s accessibility checker different from others?

Silktide’s accessibility checker stands out due to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive error explanations, and actionable solutions, making web accessibility achievable for both novices and experts.

Often, accessibility checkers are developer-focused, filled with jargon, and fairly ugly. So we decided to make ours different. We focused on creating a better user experience aimed at everyone, regardless of their accessibility knowledge.

How can I ensure my website stays compliant over time?

Use Silktide’s accessibility checker regularly to monitor your website and implement the recommended changes. Keeping up with the latest accessibility guidelines and incorporating them into your site’s design and content is also key.

For a more comprehensive solution, consider the full Silktide automated accessibility testing platform, which automates testing over thousands of web pages.

Combining automated testing with manual auditing will also give you full coverage. Find out more about Silktide’s full range of accessibility services.

What should I do if I’m unsure how to fix an issue reported by the checker?

Silktide provides comprehensive help guides for every issue it finds. If you’re still unsure, consider reaching out to a web accessibility consultant or look into Silktide’s support options.

We also have a range of free resources available, from downloadable accessibility books to comprehensive training videos on YouTube.

Why would I use the Silktide screen reader simulator when NVDA, VoiceOver, and Talkback are free?

We made the screen reader simulator because a lot of people have never used assistive technology and the main screen readers have a learning curve attached to them.  This is just a way to introduce people gently to the options available.

Our screen reader simulator is not designed as a replacement or a competitor to those excellent free tools. We would always recommend taking the time to learn comprehensive screen readers like NVDA, Voiceover (built into iOS and macOS), and Talkback (built into Android devices) for serious accessibility testing of your website.

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