• Migration expert

    You’ll get a dedicated Silktide contact who’ll handle the entire migration for you.

  • Full onboarding and training

    Get free dedicated live training and migration sessions to everyone on your team.

  • User accounts and permissions

    Transfer all your user accounts and login details, along with any required custom permissions.

  • Websites and Sections

    Split your websites up to test in any way you like. Just let us know and we’ll set them up.

  • Custom policies

    Have any custom policies migrated by our experts.

  • Clearer interface

    Get a much easier-to-use product, able to test for and find more problems.

Why people switch to Silktide

Our customers tell us they migrate to our platform because Silktide is:

  • Easier to use
  • Covers more accessibility tests
  • Finds more problems
  • Explains each issue in an easy-to-understand way
  • Has comprehensive mobile device testing
  • Tests WCAG 2.2 comprehensively
  • privacy-focused, with a cookie-free analytics and heatmap solution.

You’ll find that Silktide offers all the functionality of other platforms, like accessibility testing, user experience testing, and content quality monitoring. Most users find us easier to use. Our technology is fundamentally different which allows us to test more things.

Switch to Silktide today for a better experience

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