Name of Product/Version:

Silktide platform v4.0, which includes the following modules:

  • Content
  • Accessibility
  • Marketing
  • User Experience
  • Privacy
  • Policies

Report Date:

28th September 2021

Product Description:

Silktide is a website intelligence platform that tests websites and web applications for accessibility, content, marketing, user experience, and privacy issues, and helps teams to understand and fix them.

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This report covers the Silktide web application (as accessed via and its integrated documentation. It does not include any of our other websites, products, or services.

The Silktide platform is a SaaS application, hosted on the cloud, which is updated continuously. This report covers the Silktide platform as available at the time of writing (see “Report Date”).

The Silktide platform is used to test the accessibility of third-party websites and web applications. As part of this functionality Silktide may report on web content that is inaccessible, and link to or reference that 3rd-party content (for example: “this image lacks alternative text”). For the purposes of this evaluation, linking to or referencing inaccessible external content is considered essential by the WCAG definition.

Evaluation Methods Used:

Manual testing

  • User testing with screen readers
  • User testing with keyboard-only access
  • Manual accessibility audit
  • Silktide disability simulator

Automated testing

Test environments

  • Operating Systems: Windows 10, macOS Big Sur
  • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Screen readers: NVDA (Windows), VoiceOver (Mac)

A total of 476 specific test cases were covered by this evaluation, each representing at least one screen and/or user behavior.

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