“Silktide has a very helpful and responsive support team always willing to guide us through aspects.”

We have hundreds of global websites in our organisation, handled by varied and disparate teams. Silktide enables us to understand and address the fundamental needs of all of them from one place. Silktide splits out all the tasks needed to be completed, in order of priority, for each function within our organisation. It also enables us to track progress against these tasks, and rewards progress with a better audit score. Love it.”

-Jonathan Jones, Honeywell

Silktide identified accessibility issues on our site that we weren’t even aware of. It then identified exactly where they occur on the site and gave advice on how to fix the issues.”

-Jack Yuille, University of Worcester

“Silktide has provided in-depth reporting across my network of 14 websites. I set up monthly reports on each site, which reviews and analyses pages.”

-Chris Cottrell, Swim England

The benefits to Silktide are endless. Not only am I solving my problems more easily and efficiently, I am having a fun time while doing it.”

“It is great for spotting spelling mistakes and flagging areas of your site that aren’t meeting high standards

“I have really enjoyed how easy Silktide is to understand. I am somewhat new to managing a website and this tool is definitely making it way easier.”

-Alison Slusarczyk, Grand Valley State University

Highlighting and addressing any WCAG 2.1 accessibility issue allows us to push to be an accessibility leader in the industry.

-Joseph Vugteveen, MEd, Grand Valley State University

“After about a month of improvements we have seen good gain in SEO and we take comfort in the fact that our site is more ADA complaint for all our customers.”

-Michael Salvati, Olukai

“We have used accessibility, link and spell checking software for a long time, but the way Silktide works makes it so much easier for us to make changes to our website and to understand why those changes need to be made.”

-Giuseppina Valenza FCIPR Chart.PR, Tandridge District Council

“Ultimately this platform was helping us work towards the new accessibility legislation by identifying ways we could make it accessible to more people.”

“Silktide proves invaluable in assisting us to meet the accessibility requirements for government websites.”

-Sarah Hanna, Huntingdonshire District Council

Silktide has been able to accurately dig deep into our large website and find various sorts of issues that our previous software did not.”

Easy to use to make your website accessible

-Ian Heslop, Preston City Council

It helps me quickly complete accessibility checks and updates. This is the primary purpose I have for using Silktide and it fulfills that purpose without issue.”

-Peter Schreier, Lung Health Foundation

The simplicity compared to other products made the decision to select Silktide easy.”

-Zach McCurdy, Grand Valley State University

One of the best companies I have dealt with in regards to customer satisfaction.”

-Barbara Klemmer, Ametek

“The speed and depth of the reports and their production is really helpful. Customer service is also excellent.”

“The most helpful features Silktide have provided to us as a customer is the automated tests for accessibility on our site, they provide an extensive amount of tests against the WCAG guidelines which point out what needs to be fixed and where.”

-Eliza Mahoney, Blaby District Council

“Easy to use and saves a whole load of time in trying to find website issues myself.”

-J Hurst, The University of Edinburgh

“The nature of our organization makes it critically important that web accessibility is at the highest possible level. We use Silktide to find errors and correct them, which is invaluable for the public and specialized users.”

“We have started by concentrating on accessibility and have seen a massive improvement in our score.”

-Hertsmere Webteam, Hertsmere Borough Council

“Silktide is a really user friendly platform. It provides easy to understand insights into accessibility, quality and marketing and makes improving the website a breeze.”

-Adam Staples, St Albans City District Council

The Silktide team are very customer focussed, and have been very responsive and helpful, adding or tweaking features based on feedback.”

-Matt Pearce, Warwick District Council

Silktide has a very clean user interface and makes it very easy to jump in and out of the various tools within the platform.”

-David Herrington, Gravesham Borough Council

The gamification element encourages you to come back regularly and improve your site.”

-Donald Ross, Cairngorms National Park

“The reports and details they collect are critical for managing and maintaining the quality of our sites. We rely on this data to ensure that we find links that have changed, issues with code or typos, accessibility and SEO details and more. Being able to see the detail, where it is on the site, what the issues are and to be able to validate changes is invaluable.”

-Jennifer Hooper, Heroku / Salesforce

The main success has been improving our accessibility standard, but we have also found Silktide useful for identifying and removing old content, duplicated material, and areas of the website that could be improved or streamlined. We have also been impressed with the ability to use Silktide to view our websites in tablet, desktop and mobile screen sizes.”

-Kathy Toms, South Hams West Devon Council

“Silktide provides a simple, clear, user-friendly interface making the service easily accessed by users of any technical level. By breaking down reported into smaller more focused areas it makes it easy and inviting for a content editor to see where they need to improve their content without becoming overwhelmed by technical detail as Developer and Designer information is clearly separated. Used to its full potential Silktide is a great tool to support the ongoing development and improvement of any web estate.”

Excellent product and great customer service

-Feargal O’Kane, BT48

The user interface of the product is great as it allows you to see issues and opportunities in real time, in an easy to interpret format”

-Tariq Gangari, Daddysnack

Silktide is extremely intuitive and understandable to our non-expert user base, and provides the bulk of insights we need to manage our complex web estate.”

-Duncan MacGruer, The University of Edinburgh

Love the fact that not only can you see which page needs editing, but that you can jump straight to it to make changes.

The support and expertise provided by Silktide has been excellent

-John Malcom, St Albans City and District Council

“The onboarding, training and continuous exchange/support is excellent”

-Zed Pranjic, Bayer

Easy to use with lots of helpful information

-Allan Guy, Purple Creative Studio

Silktide is very easy to use and seamlessly takes you through any issues on your site, providing video and text tutorial suggestions about ways of fixing them.”

-Andrew Kemp, Orkney Islands Council

Silktide is easy to use and has many helpful features that makes creating documents and webpages accessible easier.”

“The communications from Silktide and the layout of the application is easy to work with. We have found it easy to train staff on the use of the dashboard and in particular the information for accessibility.”

“From a corporate perspective, it was accessibility compliance, but for our team it was more on useability – across multiple sites. The benefit of knowing what reading age is on each of our sites has been really useful as we’ve been able to tackle content too. The real-time overview of all the sites has been really useful as well to convey the message back to higher management as to how each area is progressing and for our project plans too.”

“It’s assuring to know you’re working with a company that is always evolving and improving based on what their customers need.”

-Jenny Syrett, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

“User-friendly and detailed reporting tool, with outstanding customer service.”

-Callum Weaver, Norwich City Council

“We are lawfully required to ensure our website meets the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards. With a website with 1000+ pages, it is impossible for our team to comprehensively audit all of our content to ensure we are fully compliant. Silktide is our solution to this, as it will scan our website regularly to ensure any accessibility problems can be quickly identified and resolved by our team. We want our digital channels to be accessible to all through both meeting this standards, but also ensuring consistency, quality and simplicity within all of our content. Silktide has the tools to make sure we meet all of the above, again in a way that comprehensively watches over the enormity of our content.”

-Jake Fleming, Portsmouth City Council

“Silktide is a very powerful tool, especially in assisting us in meeting new website accessibility laws for the public sector.”

-Charles Grain, Portsmouth City Council

“Given the automated processes involved, it saves us hours of work trying to identify accessibility issues.”

-Mark Chapman, NHS

Wonderful way to know what to fix next

-Emma Pearson, South Cambridgeshire District Council

“We came to Silktide this year and the transfer over to them was handled really quickly and professionally and we feel like a valued customer

-Joanne Stevens, Worcestershire County Council

“Each accessibility issue which has been highlighted on our website comes with an explanation of why it is not accessible and how to resolve it.”

“Silktide is excellent for ensuring an excellent minimum standard of content on our large website (over 2000 pages). Without Silktide this would be very difficult to manage.”

-Ben Jones, Harrow Council

Having to monitor 1000+ web pages to ensure quality and compliance is not easy for any organisation. Silktide has been fantastic in enabling us to do this much more efficiently and effectively. We are seeing big improvements across the site already, which is fantastic.”

-Jo Hilditch, Worcestershire County Council

Great tool for monitoring website accessibility, quality and marketing with helpful advice

“The software has been instrumental in boosting the quality of our website by highlighting everything from broken links and poor grammar, to bad spelling and hard readability scores.”

-Adam Offord, Medway Council

“I really like how you can retest a single page to see if you have solved an issue rather than wait for the whole site to be retested.”

We’ve tried many website review tools and this is by far the best.”

-Sue Davis, Medway Council

Indispensable tool for helping our large organisation get to grips with accessibility.”

-Tom Dixon, Devon County Council

I love that each accessibility issue comes with an explanation of why it needs to be fixed and instructions on how you can fix the issue.”

-Lauryn S, South Cambridgeshire District Council

We’ve used a number of similar tools, but Silktide has been the best.”

“Very useful for monitoring quality, marketing and accessibility aspects of large website.”

-Yiota Chrysanthou, Hertsmere Borough Council

Very useful for monitoring quality, marketing and accessibility aspects of our large website.”

“Being able to see which documents fall inside/outside of legislative requirements based on their publication date has been very useful.”

-Graeme Murrell, Kirklees Council

Silktide has simply transformed the accessibility of our website

-Mark Hook, Christ Church, Oxford

We appreciate Silktide and recommend their services immensely.”

-Taylor Howard, Tampa General Hospital

“The platform covers everything from spelling and grammar errors all the way to accessibility issues and problems with site loading speeds.”

-Lewis Pickles, Kirklees Council

Leading the way with accessibility and much more.”

-Jason Gilkes, Lead Genera

“I like how it splits out the issues into easy to digest sections and also gives clear tips and advice on resolving the issues.”

-Keiran Martin, Lead Genera

“Silktide is making it so much easier to identify and fix problems and to enable content editors to understand the issues and take the best approach with their content. It’s like getting an extra member of the team.”

-Graham Johnston, NHS

“With other suppliers, customer service can often take a nosedive once money changes hands but the Silktide service has been fantastic throughout.”

“We explored lots of different software on the market to try to improve the accessibility standards of our web projects, each of which would provide either unclear or contradictory information with varying results. Silktide has solved this requirement by providing comprehensive and accurate reporting allowing us to highlight and execute improvements.”

We have been able to get more detailed insight into accessibility issues on our site and made others within the council aware of the importance of making the website accessible.”

-Marta Mlynarczyk, Aberdeenshire Council

The platform has the ability to learn and suit your specific business needs, which helps you to tailor it to your needs. The online support available is really good and efficient, helping you to solve problems very quickly.”

-James Coope, Sheffield Hallam University

“Silktide’s excellent product has enabled us to greatly increase our overall accessibility standing throughout the various websites we provide. We have found the suggestions for manual checking an absolutely invaluable tool within the system. Silktide has also differed from previous systems in that the issues are channeled to either the editor, designer or developer which is a great help in determining who needs to do the actual fixes.”

-Kevin Drysdale, Durham County Council

“We are using Silktide to make sure we comply with the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018.”

-Jon L, Neath Port Talbot Council

“I love being able to quickly check the content feature for broken URLs, misspelled words, and more! We have been able to significantly raise our scores with the help of Silktide.”

“The ease of use and functionality is top notch. The real-time score updating is a plus too. Silktide is intuitive to figure out in a short time period.”

-Brant Bell, Ohio Housing Finance Agency

One of the best platforms to audit and improve your website accessibility.”

“Silktide provides a range of extremely useful and powerful tools to monitor different aspects of our website accessibility and functionality. Any issues identified across a wide range of checks are displayed with easy to understand explanations of the problems found and guidance on how to correct them.”

Fantastic accessibility platform!

-Paul Sudron, Durham County Council

Silktide has been fundamental in increasing awareness of accessibility across all our websites. It’s easy to use and the training modules have helped the wider organisation to understand further why accessibility is so important. The platform itself can be tailored to different user groups so that everyone can have the right level of access to be sure that no one is shown irrelevant information. Being able to see the scores increase when fixes are successfully made makes you really feel like you’ve accomplished something great! The reports of our previous accessibility testing tool were not user friendly and produced a spreadsheet of errors. Silktide’s user interface is far superior and everyone at the organisation has commented to say how much easier it is to use.”

-Kelly Millward, Durham County Council

“Thank you for helping us give our customers a better experience using our web services”

-Hannah Brunt, Milton Keynes City Council

“We value Silktide, because it’s fundamental to our Web Team being able to deliver useful online services to our customers. As a council, those customers are residents and businesses in our city – real people, with lots to do in their busy lives, and with array of needs, we must legally and ethically meet. We’re using Silktide to open web governance conversations with our service areas. Where online services operate outside of our corporate content management system, the tool allows us to demonstrate with staff working in those areas, where they need to discuss updates and changes with their suppliers. Silktide is also supporting our work with producing and revisiting Accessibility Statements.”

“For me, the best part of using Silktide is that it is much more visual compared to the WCAG website, which is very word-heavy and can be challenging to understand at times. Silktide shows you exactly what needs improving, and there are videos that also explain how to fix certain elements, which I find super helpful. Another great factor is that it splits up the work to suit everyone, whether you are the designer, developer or editor. This can be easy to assign certain tasks and then distribute the work and be more efficient.”

-Henna Mistry, Luv Group

“The minimalist interface is really easy to use and allows you great control over each of the Silktide scoring metrics. The ability to dive in to investigate the fix is straightforward as well as presenting a layman term against WCAG 2.1 requirements. Being automated really helps us and the content editing team improve the site’s accessibility without much effort.”

-King Yiu, Luv Group

“We are using Silktide to improve the accessibility across our client’s websites. The benefit of using Silktide is that the tasks are separated to suit different job roles (e.g. content editor, designer, and developer), making it a lot easier to manage the tasks within a team.

-Katie Bulmer, Luv Group

“I use Silktide to improve accessibility across the sites I build”

-Lefki Foka, STIX

“Working in an organisation with specialist web teams and a large editor network of non-specialists, a really big challenge was getting a platform that could satisfy and support both. The deployment process and our Customer Success Manager have been fundamental to getting the tool set up and deployed effectively. The Silktide Academy plus live training sessions (online) have been useful and engaging for both audiences, they are certainly encouraging a renewed interest and focus across our editor network. It was also really important to have a platform that can cope with a large web estate broken down into lots of sections. The team and I are just getting started on the dashboards and reporting, which will become the driver of continuous improvement.”

-Laura Simpson, Newcastle University

The easiest solution to highlight and fix accessibility errors.

-Sam Overson, Kirklees Council

Silktide helps our team to identify and fix website issues in a user-friendly, easy way. The Silktide fundamentals course is a great learning tool for understanding how to use the site. The leaderboard is also a great feature that helps you understand how you’re performing against other departments managing websites within your business. My favourite feature is the Inspector function, which shows you where the problem is on the page by highlighting the content and shows fix suggestions in the left-hand bar.”

Very impressive functionality which is proving essential in helping our website keep improving in its accessibility”

“Silktide has allowed us to achieve the WCAG 2.1 accessibility for a client who prioritizes their website visitors who have disabilities. Silktide has saved us countless hours by showing us exactly which parts of the website needed accessibility improvement.”

-Ben Hall, Services For Education

We would not be able to meet our website accessibility requirements as a local government organisation without Silktide. Their customer service and adaptability is excellent, being supported by their team when needed makes all the difference.”

It’s helping us meet our legal requirements as an NHS Trust and also allows us to make the web experience the best we can”

“The best part of Silktide is the wide range of accessibility tools we can use to enable our website to adhere to Government regulations. It has made us more aware of what we need to do to improve our accessibility and also enabled us to create a work plan in order to improve our accessibility rating. The interface is also extremely simple to use and the regular scans of our website help us to ensure we can fix any issues as soon as possible. As a project manager, it also allows me to give tasks to individuals within the team which makes my job a lot easier.

-James Waite, Rother District Council

“Previously, we had issues with identifying issues within our large-scale website. Silktide makes it easy to identify both positive and negative trends in content accessibility and other areas.”

“We have a clear accessibility score that we are seeking to improve. We can very clearly see what we need to improve upon and the impact of our actions on the score, which is very motivating.”

-Simone Woolley, North Somerset Council

“We use it primarily to monitor the accessibility of our websites, which is not only essential from a user perspective but also from a legal standpoint. There are so many tools out there that claim to diagnose a website’s accessibility, but so many of them do it poorly. With Silktide, it’s obvious you’re getting a deep dive. But as an added bonus, Silktide also scores us on three other major categories: Marketing, Content and User Experience. The interface is simple and easy to use, showing you what is ‘wrong’, why it’s wrong and how to fix it. You can either ignore recommendations, carry out the necessary fixes or ‘teach’ Silktide to accept what it sees as errors – for instance unusual spelling or grammar.”

-Paul Roberts, North Somerset Council

By far the best content quality and accessibility audit platform there is.”

-Sue Davis, Medway Council

“It helps get a whole picture on your website user experience. What is done right and what needs improvement.”

-Alison Hinch, Curotec

“Silktide offers us a lot of insight in the quality of our content and quickly points editors, developers and product owners to possible issues. With an enterprise website and over 200 editors this is not an easy task and Silktide offers us the overview and tools to keep on top of everything.”

“It gives you quick and easy wins that will start to improve your website straight away and Sophie and the team are really helpful.”

-Matt Baldwin, Exeter College, Oxford

“I started in a new role last year in a large company that didn’t have a way to continually review and improve content quality. Bringing Silktide on board has been invaluable in all aspects of monitoring our vast digital footprint. From the basics of misspellings and broken links to accessibility and mobile checks, Silktide is helping us elevate the quality of the content we are providing our customers.”

Silktide is the most user-friendly performance tool we have used. The back end layout is simple to follow and deliberately created, and the quick updating of scores quickly gamified the process of site improvement for us.”

-Rob Turner, Schneider

“We are solving the issues surrounding accessibility of all types on all our sites. The assistance with privacy is helpful as well. We hope to engage with more consumers as a result of our improvements.”

“With an easy-to-use interface, Silktide allows me to both detect and fix errors across our site. The training and support available is also very helpful. I would highly recommend it!”

-Skye M, Medway Council

“The external review of our websites is most helpful. It challenges the assumptions you might make. I like that we can set rules of our own styles too.”

-Nickki Hughes, Cheshire East Council

The staff are very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. They make themselves available for any questions and go off to research topics they maybe don’t know a huge amount about, to help address any issues you may be having. They break down training and make it easy to understand.”

-Jill Guild, Fife Council

Silktide has made our team more aware of what we need to do to improve our accessibility; I all find it user-friendly and straightforward. It is good to see progress and where we have improved.”

-Kerry Joyce, Cheshire East Council

“We needed to assess how accessible our site was and this seemed like a daunting task. Silktide quickly and easily identifies the highest priority issues and has guidance on how to fix them. You can see results quickly, which is motivating for the team and helps you provide an improved service to your customers. We are still on our accessibility journey but Silktide is a key part of the progress we have made so far.”

-Angela K, Fife Council

“Since we have been monitoring our sites with Silktide, our accessibility has increased. When completing our accessibility statement, Silktide made it easy to find and therefore list any known issues together with our plan to resolve them.”

“Silktide reduces the amount of staff time spent problem-solving and looking for issues. Before Silktide, we would have to run most tests by hand as well as Googling and reading through the lengthy WCAG guidelines to try and understand the issues we are looking for and trying to fix. Silktide makes it super easy by having everything in one centralized place, and they show you where the problems are.”

Silktide is a valuable tool to increase our website efficiency.”

A life saver when it comes to accessibility.”

-David Moore, University of Leeds

“Clear and concise. Shows you exactly where the issue is and how to fix it.”

-Daniel Suthalong, Leicester College

Great product, fantastic support.

Out of all the web optimization platforms, Silktide is by far the best value for money considering the vast amount of functionality you have access to.”

-Lucy Hurwood, St Mary’s University, Twickenham

“By pinpointing the changes needed to ensure the best quality of my site, I was able to optimize my site to be the best it can be.”

-Edgar Navarro, The University of Texas at Dallas

Silktide is making the web a better place for its users. I have friends and family who cannot browse the web without a screen reader and seeing the daily struggles has opened my eyes to how difficult the web can be for them to use. Silktide’s platform allows organizations to view their website from many different perspectives to ensure any user can have the best possible experience on their website.”

-Ben Biederman, Schneider

“Silktide helps our school to be more compliant with the different sites the rest of the university maintains. Silktide helps because we are a state university, and state law mandates we follow accessibility guidelines.”

-Dennis Guten, The University of Texas at Dallas

“Silktide helps us continuously monitor our website effortlessly. Analytics, in particular heat, click and frustration maps give us insight into how our visitors are engaging with our web pages.”

-Miles Maynard, Payment Systems Regulator

“Silktide has exceeded expectations. They’ve provided better support, an easier-to-use tool, and a better price.”

-Christy Glaze, University of Dallas at Texas

“There are many upsides to using Silktide – it gives us much greater oversight of our web content and allows us to respond to issues quickly and efficiently.”

“Silktide is so easy to use and offers a great user experience. The best thing about it is that it has taken the pain out of manually trying to identify and address content and accessibility issues. Everything is in one place, and the inspector tool pinpoints exactly here the problems are. The descriptions on how to fix issues are easy to understand, and it’s helping us make strides in improving our online content. It’s very satisfying to see the scores improve and be able to track our progress.”

-Rachel Mackenzie, Loughborough University

Silktide brings our digital content together, improving our web accessibility and our reputation. It’s very easy to identify ‘quick wins’ and can be used easily by novices and tech-savvy alike. Training and customer support are excellent and our Head of Customer Success is always available and proactive in keeping us up-to-date.”

“Silktide helps us scan for broken links, spelling errors, accessibility issues and page load times, and explains how to correct these issues.”

Silktide saves us hours and hours of manual work and alerts us to errors before customers or site owners do.”

-Steven Johnson

“It allows us to meet accessibility legislation for all local government websites to meet a minimum level of accessibility which we’ve defined as the WCAG AA standard. Without this tool this simply wouldn’t be possible. Obvious benefits are ensuring we are meeting legal obligations and that our products are accessible to people with a range of disabilities”

-Chris Burkill, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

“Developing a site to be accessible is quite a labour intensive task, but Silktide makes it easy. The interface is really intuitive, and provides comprehensive but relevant information to allow you to debug and correct any issues. Silktide is a great tool in a developer’s toolbox, that allows you to make better code and sites, not just ticking a checkbox for accessibility. I enjoy using it.”

-James Spencer, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

“We have an obligation to provide accessible websites for our users, Silktide provides all the tools to identify and correct every aspect of website accessibility.”

-Scott Clark, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

“Making our site more accessible for all visitors is a crucial priority for our team, as is eliminating poor user experience. Silktide provides the tools and resources to our team in a way that allows us to focus on quick, specific wins – and provides the support for longer-term goals related to site re-design and content re-structuring.”

-Ty Stapleton, University of Prince Edward Island

Silktide is helping our organisation address its digital accessibility needs and aiding in the process of making our websites compliant with digital accessibility standards.”

Heatmap tools help us work out where the specific problems are on a page, rather than just knowing that there is a problem on the page. It’s a lot more reliable and quicker than trying something to see if that was the problem and then checking the data after a couple of months to see if it has improved.”

“As a public school district, we have to make sure that all of our sites are following WCAG and ADA guidelines, and Silktide has helped us stay ahead of the issues. The best part about Silktide is that they want to make the platform work for everyone, no matter what it takes. They are actually invested in making websites accessible and are honest with their customers.”

Silktide helps us become more ADA compliant and improve our website content.”

Silktide will take you step by step on how to improve your website, how to make it accessible, and what the most important things are that you have to cover.”

-Marina Marzotto, David Game Higher Education

“Silktide provides a great platform for ensuring our websites have quality, accessible content.”

Silktide is fantastic. It walks you through each step of enhancing your website, making the procedure quick and simple.”

-Karen Rudd, Appel Law Firm

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